Girl burnt for resisting rape

Ironically, in  the same page that had a good report, this report which lacked the basic details was also covered.

Publication: The Times Of India – Chennai;
Date: Jan 6, 2010;
Section: Times Nation;
Page: 8

Bhopal: A 14-year-old class VII Dalit student was set on fire by two boys of the same age group when she resisted a rape attempt by them. She succumbed to burns in a few hours. The incident occurred on Monday at Kondri village of Burhanpur district in south Madhya Pradesh.

The police arrested the boys — Manohar alias Mania Beldar (15) and Krishna Mahajan (16) — on Tuesday at Bhanpur in Maharashtra where they were staying at a relative’s place. Burhanpur SP MK Katakwar said Yogita fought back and screamed. “When the boys realised they will be caught, they doused her with kerosene kept in the victim’s house and set her on fire.” The boys used to tease her regularly when she was on way to school. TNN

So what if boys used to tease her on the girl’s way back to school? howdid that lead to this incident

How did they reach the victim’s house. and how di dthey manage to douse kerosene on the girl? what was the provocation

Am sure there will not be any follow up in the papers and the story must have already been forgotten. 😦


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