Inclusion policy

Apologies for a post that isn’t strictly about something that appeared in print but I’m just back home after a day of editing murderously written crime copies.

Eight out of ten of them will “include women”. And often you see it in the paper too.

Five persons, including two women, were injured…

Four persons, including a woman, were arrested…

Seven members of a family, including three women, were returning home…

I’ve asked crime reporters and senior editors why it’s written this way. No one’s been able to give me an answer.

Is it 33% reservation for women in media? 🙂

Does it stem from the old-world idea of women-and-children first?

Is it because we otherwise tend to exclude women?

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  1. Yeah, this really bothers me too. I don’t know why. Its just the idea that people are generally “male” in the readers eyes unless we specifically tell the reader that the people are “female”

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