More than just words


Should papers even carry illustrations to represent the idea of a “rape victim”, however generic the illustration is?

If you’re beginning  to think this blog has too much news from TOI, I realise that too. I will try and correct that in future. It’s just that I’ve been finding more gender-centred stories in TOI compared to The Hindu and New Indian Express, which I also read regularly. Does TOI report more stories on gender and crimes against women? Or do they play it up more? Do they give it more space? If so, why? Concern over rising crime? Readership? Shock value? That’s something to think about, maybe.

And just to add something that writer and journalist Ammu Joseph talked about during a Reporters’ Roundtable that Prajnya organised about a year and a half ago: She said she followed four papers closely for about two weeks, clipping out stories relating to gender violence and crimes against women so that she could get an idea of how papers covered the issue. And she found that “the much-reviled TOI, everybody’s favourite whipping boy” carried the most stories, with the most details, in that period in Bangalore. 

More to think about, no?

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