Does reading help the fight for right(s)?

Two really good stories on The Hindu’s site: The first  on low conviction rates for rape and the second an analysis.

Unless I missed it in the newspaper, the first seems to be a web exclusive and provides links to PDFs with more data, which is nice when you’re in a geeky mood and want to pore over tables and also nice when you’re feeling lazy and are in skim-text-and-grab-gist mode. Again tables that I didn’t see in the paper, but I could have missed it. Extra space to provide external links is one of the advantages of the internet that most newspaper sites in India don’t exploit enough. I’m nit-picking here, but this story doesn’t have a link to the analysis and it’s annoying to go back to the homepage to find the analysis.

I liked the analysis, which appeared in the paper too, better because is a more comprehensive story, touching on the dropping conviction rates and the possible reasons — diminishing investigating capabilities,  shortage of staff (the eternal plague of the government), and social attitudes (can they be ‘toxic’, as the intro describes them?). The most interesting point is the better conviction rates in the north-east, where literacy rates and gender ratios are comparatively higher. Reading for the right reasons?

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