Stalkers and Acid Attacks

Wednesday’s ToI (November 28) has a report on “Techie blinded in acid attack after turning down stalker“. The report is sensitively presented (though perhaps the hospital picture could have been avoided) and details the victim’s side (through her family) of what happened. The last paragraph points out that a complaint had been made against the accused in the past, but that the police let him off with a warning. A box along with the story has a quote from women’s rights groups with some basic statistics of crimes against women. ToI followed up the story the next day (Nov 29), analysing the legal and cultural aspects to stalking and acid attacks (“Stop stalkers in their tracks”, “Portrayal of women in films fuels violence” and “Activists renew demand for harsher law”). Interestingly, it looks beyond the act of an acid attack itself and enlarges the debate to cover the  more pervasive phenomenon of stalking. This goes beyond the limited way of looking at street (and other) harassment prevalent in society.


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