Class and domestic violence

On December 3, 2012, the Times of India published an article with the headline “40% of domestic violence are reported in Tamil Nadu“. Though 40% sounds like a huge figure,  India recorded only 9,431 of domestic violence in 2011. And, if you remove TN, Gujarat and West Bengal from the equation,  only 521 cases were recorded from the rest of the country.  So it is not surprising that the police officer quoted in the article cites better awareness and reporting as the reason for TN’s dominance in this area. Instead of hyping the 40% figure, the article could have touched upon how awareness was so much better in these states than in the rest of the India. How had TN created this awareness? There is one other thing that bothers me about this report and that is the impression, one gets from U Vasuki’s quotes, that domestic violence is a problem related to the poor, fuelled by alcohol. We know domestic violence happens across class, caste, religion and gender. This needs to be reflected in articles on the subject.

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