Eve-teasing before the courts

On December 2, 2012, The Times of India carried a report “Harassed on bus? Drive to police station: SC” on its Page 1 (with the rest of the story featuring guidelines to deal with “eve-teasing” as laid down by the court on Pg 10). The prominent display of the article is commendable. The coverage could have been improved with a little more context on the issue of “eve-teasing”, perhaps. Also the fact that the provisions of the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill pending at Parliament not being enough to curb the problem, is something that could have done with elaboration. What does that Bill have to do with the harassment that happens at bus stands and at parks. Also, while “eve-teasing” is the phrase used by the Bench, I think that the media should have a problem with accepting that phrase and when quoting someone who uses the phrase should consider putting it in quotes.


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