NWMI on sensitising media professionals to gender issues

The Network of Women in Media, India, has identified areas of concern and challenges faced by journalists covering sensitive issues.

NWMI submission to Press Council committee inquiring into the rape of woman journalist

 “NWM, Mumbai, facilitated a discussion amongst women journalists as well as male and female photojournalists in Mumbai on August 24, 2013. The meeting discussed issues related to the safety of journalists, the difficulties faced by journalists, especially freelancers, in access and permissions for stories and assignments, the ethical transgressions in coverage of sensitive issues and the need for greater gender sensitisation and training of media professionals on gender-sensitive reporting. The meeting identified specific issues that cause particular concern.”

The issues include:

  1. Media coverage of gender issues, in particular sexual assault/rape
  2. Safety on the job: The need for training modules for journalists/photographers
  3. Harassment by policemen and private security personnel
  4. Gender sensitisation within media organisations
  5. Voluntary mentorship programme

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